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A 18x24" archival quality fine art print featuring the work of Mata Ruda will be given to anyone who donates $60 to help us move activism through art.

This poetic painting was commissioned by Amplifier from Mata Ruda in an attempt to illustrate the modern-day effects of incarceration on communities of color. This image alludes to the double-impact that imprisoning mothers has on women and their children; Research shows that family separation can have long-lasting effects on mental and emotional health. The second painting parallels the prison-industrial complex as a form of modern-day slavery.

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Donations made to Amplifier are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Amplifier is registered under RCW19.09. You may contact the Washington Secretary of State at 800.332.4483 or visit sos.wa.gov/charities for more information.