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A gift of an 1.5 inch lapel pin featuring the work of Icy and Sot will be sent to anyone donating $3 to help us move activism through art. 


Icy and Sot are two brothers from Iran who make powerful street art, videos, and imagery. Now based in New York, the duo’s work tends to center politics and humanitarian issues. In 2017, they partnered with Amplifier to re-release these images (which were displayed in bus stop ads at Art Basel two years prior) as a line of posters advocating for gun control.

“It’s amazing to have freedom of speech. You can talk about a lot of issues loudly,” they told Designboom, reflecting on their move to the United States. “We can speak up and make work about anything we want. Whether we live in the US or not, we always want to make work about the issues the world is going through, like gun violence in the US, the refugee crisis everywhere, and ecological justice for our planet.”


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