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A 18x24" archival quality fine art print featuring the work of Gregg Deal will be given to anyone who donates $60 to help us move activism through art. 

Indigenous identity and culture is not a game--so it shouldn’t be treated as one by popular culture. This image created by Gregg Deal of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe calls out the NFL and other sports leagues in the U.S. for appropriating Native imagery and perpetuating harmful and racist stereotypes. The artwork was wheat-pasted in cities across the U.S. and distributed as stickers in an effort to break down negative depictions of Indigenous experience, especially for future generations.

“The real issue here is that this image, this identifying factor for much of American culture and throughout the world, is something that is claimed by those who do not have our communities, and our children at heart,” says Deal. “While it seems trivial, and while people want to dismiss it as being overly sensitive or PC, the truth is that this image enables people to be aggressive towards Indigenous people.”

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