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A gift of 3 (unsigned) 18x24" posters featuring the artwork of Jess X Snow, Shepard Fairey and Jackie Fawn will be sent to anyone donating $25 to help us move activism through art. 

Please allow 3-5 business days for order processing. 

4 Billion Year Old Mother: The results of the 2016 election devastated communities across the United States -- but it sparked a fire in thousands of people to make their voices heard. For the Women’s March in 2017, Amplifier held an open call for artwork and received over 5,000 submissions in just eight days. All of the pieces advocate for the rights of women, immigrants, black and brown and queer communities, people Native to the land, and the Earth itself.

Fifty of those works were selected for a touring exhibition called Hear Our Voice. In this hand-painted image from the campaign, artist Jess X Snow represents the billions of years of joy and resistance of Mother Earth and those who have inhabited her long before hatred and fear gained power -- and who will outlive the patriarchy and blossom anew.

Protect The Sacred: Amplifier was born from a desire to shift traditional storytelling into new and dynamic modes of communication -- to create vivid imagery that is accessible, educational, and action-minded. This collaboration between our founder Aaron Huey and artist Shepard Fairey is one of the first seeds we planted with that mission in mind. Based on a photograph that Huey took during his time on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Fairey’s illustration asks for the protection of Indigenous treaties, land, and resources. By changing the mode of communication from journalism to street art, the piece makes a compelling argument in defense of Native rights from the people, for the people.

Defend The Sacred: Indigenous artist Jackie Fawn is a resilient voice for the protection of our natural resources, especially those that have been misused and endangered by colonization. Fawn created this artwork during her time at Standing Rock, where she joined other indigenous people and their allies in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The image depicts a warrior Unci Maka, or Mother Earth. “#uncimaka carries the sacred waters of the planet in her womb as do we women. We have every right to be standing for our water,” Fawn says.

Donations made to Amplifier are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Amplifier is registered under RCW19.09. You may contact the Washington Secretary of State at 800.332.4483 or visit for more information.from our various campaigns will be sent to anyone donating $25 to help us move activism through art.